Marketing Strategies for a Law Firm

Marketing Strategies for a Law Firm

Marketing is the most important department in every firm or organization. For a firm to make profit, someone somewhere has to sell a good or a service. In the case of a law firm, it must sell its services effectively to those who need them. The success or failure of marketing greatly depends upon the marketing strategy employed by the marketers. Law firms need to take into consideration some marketing strategies for a law firm.

These include:

Online marketing

Online marketing for law firms is on the rise. Most law firms now have websites and their online presence is massive given emergence of social media. Most law firms probably have a Facebook account and a twitter handle. While these are highly important for a law firm, they must remember to maintain professionalism even beyond the office.

Clients are always inclined to professionalism and are more likely to visit professional websites and also hire the services of such law firms. Apart from professionalism, the website must be simple and not complicated. Potential clients should be able to have online chats with the staff of the law firm and have their queries answered instantly or within reasonable time.  Here is a video explaining how online marketing for attorney’s works.

Search Engine Optimization can also give a great boost to any law firm — especially if you service clients in a big city.  Ranking high in Google for “[lawyer specialty] + [city]” is going to bring in a LOT of business.  We recommend checking out the Dallas SEO Geek for your Law Firm SEO Services.

Business cards

The business card must be professional and with a unique and creative logo to set apart the law firm from the rest offering similar services. The business card should be designed in such a way that it can arouse the curiosity of the potential clients. Law firms should also come up with brochures that are presentable and represent the true image of the law firm.

Personal marketing

This involves the marketing of each and every partner in the law firm. The firm must portray the partners to be persons of high reputation. While it is important to market the firm as whole, there is also a great need to market the individual partners in the firm. This is important because if the reputation of a single attorney of the firm is damaged, the damage may proceed to the entire firm.

Reputation management

The reputation of the firm is one its greatest assets and it must be safeguarded at all costs. It is important that the firm only employs attorneys whose integrity is not questionable. Otherwise, the firm will have a challenge marketing it individual attorneys if they are persons of questionable integrity. Integrity has become a serious factor in the modern times. We have all heard case where a lawyer runs away with proceeds which were meant to be paid to their clients after a successful suit. Such an act can easily bring down your law firm.