Finding a Good Lawyer Near You

There are thousands of attorney’s to choose from when you are looking for someone to take your case.  Many of them have the same education, licensing and specializations however, client experiences are still different from one lawyer to another.

How do you find a lawyer who will give you the quality representation that you deserve? Here are some things to look for in an attorney:

  1. You need an attorney that is not overconfident in his ability to get you the right outcome. No attorney, regardless of his experience  cannot predict the future and guarantee the outcome of your case.  There are too many variables that come into play as the case goes on.  Our legal system is designed in such a way that you cannot predict if you win or lose, nor can you predict the damages you may receive.  That being said, a good lawyer will still represent you as aggressively as possible, but he cannot guarantee the results.
  2. An attorney is there to represent you and he shouldn’t be a salesman. If he shoves papers under your nose with the instructions “just sign here, there’s nothing to worry about”.  Instead he should explain everything to you in terms that you will understand.  Why your signature is necessary and what the documents will do, a good attorney will do this paragraph by paragraph.
  3. A good lawyer will keep in touch with you and make you feel you are getting the attention that your case needs. Attorneys are busy people but that doesn’t mean you should feel ignored.  They need to communicate with their clients on a consistent basis.  One of the most common complaints that the bar association hears is because of lack of communication. No one likes being ignored and going through a court case is stressful enough.  You have no legal background so questions will be part of the process, an attorney will keep you apprised during the whole process.
  4. A law firm is a business, but a good lawyer will not take on more work than the firm can handle.  Your attorney should not sacrifice the services he can provide for volume business.  He should be concerned with his reputation and make his existing clients a priority.
  5. Find a lawyer that doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold of what a lawyer should be, find a lawyer that you can relate to as a person.  You need to be able to tell your lawyer the details surrounding your case and that can be difficult, it is important to be comfortable and be able to be completely honest.

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